Larry Simonson, P.E.

Project Engineer

Mr. Simonson is a Project Engineer with over 8 years of professional geotechnical and solid waste engineering consulting experience. He has had field and engineering experience with the design and construction of facilities across the southeastern United States. He has coordinated and performed tasks related to quality assurance during construction, field exploration, laboratory testing, and geotechnical analysis for the design of municipal and construction-demolition landfills and their associated components. Mr. Simonson has performed slope stability analyses for reinforced slopes, the design of new landfills, and for the forensic investigations of distressed and unstable landfill slopes.

Mr. Simonson holds a M.S. & B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and is a licensed professional engineer in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama. He is a member of the South Carolina Upstate Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the International Geosynthetics Society.

Mr. Simonson is an active member of Greenville’s Alchemy Comedy Theater, where he regularly performs and coaches comedy improvisation. He and his wife regularly travel from their home in Greenville, where they live as avid gardeners and self-proclaimed foodies.

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