Ivan Irizarry

Staff Geologist

Mr. Irizarry serves as a Field Geologist and equipment manager for Bunnell Lammons Engineering. During his 10 years of professional experience, his technical practice has included field oversite and coordination, groundwater and soil impact assessments, soil vapor testing, statistical analysis, GIS and remote sensing based assessments, and database management. Additionally, Mr. Irizarry provides calibration and equipment management and repair for the environmental and solid waste departments. He performs multiple projects concurrently within strict timeframes, scope/budget expectations, and high-quality standards for project deliverables. Mr. Irizarry holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and Biology from Furman University.

Mr. Irizarry is a video game aficionado, cyclist, and larper. A married father of two, he enjoys being a devoted nerd.

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