Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc.

Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials Consultants

Construction Materials Testing

BLE provides a broad range of construction related field services.  Among them are materials selection, quality control of construction activities, and quality assurance overview of construction (monitoring and reporting compliance with plans and specifications), which includes the work of surveyors, material suppliers, and subcontractors.

BLE is staffed and equipped to provide trained engineering technicians at the construction site to perform required tests and inspections.  Additionally, we operate a laboratory for testing construction materials.  We can provide construction engineering consultation when requested.  Our technicians are encouraged to pursue applicable certifications such as ACI and/or NICET.  All field testing is reviewed by graduate engineers.

  • IBC Ch. 17 Special Inspections
  • Visual Weld Inspection
  • Welder Certification Coupons
  • Structural Steel Inspections
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Concrete Field Testing
  • Foundation Excavation Evaluation
  • Floor Flatness Profiling
  • Soil Field Density Testing
  • Anchor Bolt Testing
  • Asphalt Plant Inspection
  • Pavement Evaluation
  • Construction Oversight and Inspection
  • Fireproofing Inspection
  • Roofing Inspection
  • Vibration Monitoring

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