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Geotechnical, Environmental and Construction Materials Consultants

About BLE

BLE officeBLE is based in Greenville, S.C., and was founded in 1996. A regional office is located in Asheville, N.C.

BLE provides a wide range of services to commercial, financial, industrial, municipal, construction contractors, and architectural/design engineering clients in the Southeastern United States. BLE utilizes a Project Team approach to serve our clients. This approach provides an orderly and systematic method for work assignments using the level of talent and experience required for the project. BLE always assigns a Principal to each Project Team. This approach assures quality and the added benefit of cost and time efficient solutions for our clients.

BLE believes in the importance of the client. It is BLE's desire to serve our clients not just for a single project, but to develop long-term relationships. Our clients receive our:

  • Complete attention to their distinctive business and technical requirements.
  • Cultivation and conservation of strong business partnerships.
  • Services adapted to each client's needs.
  • Personal communication and timely on-site appointments, particularly at critical junctures in the project.

BLE is strategically positioned to serve the Southeastern United States. Our staff is comprised of geotechnical and construction materials engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, laboratory and field service technicians, CAD specialists and clerical and administrative support staff. Approximately 50 percent of our professional staff have master's degrees in their area of practice. Our project principals have 20 years or more of professional practice.

The BLE staff have diversified backgrounds, including experience with other organizations in the private, public and government sectors. Our Chief Engineer provides geotechnical training for the South Carolina Professional Engineer exam training class. Our environmental professionals are involved in scientific research on the latest technical trends and our staff regularly presents technical papers to professional societies and conferences. There are many of us who serve on councils and within professional organizations, working closely on the development of policies, technologies, guidance and regulations that affect our industry. These activities allow our company to capitalize on regulatory and technical knowledge specific to a certain area, state or locale.

Our staff utilize their depth of project experience coupled with computer analysis techniques and current developments from published research to provide cost effective solutions for our clients. Our technician staff includes AWS, CWI, ACI and NICET certified staff. Our laboratory participates in CCRL and AMRL reference sample programs and is accredited by AASHTO.

We can also combine our highly skilled in-house talent with professionals in specialty consulting firms, industry or university faculty located around the country to address unique technical assignments.

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